So what are the best Western pc rpg games?

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March 3rd, 2009

This article attempts to answer that eternal question…

Unfortunately I tend to agree with the comments after the article itself – apart from the couple of older games, the best all seem to be the ones that have come out most recently (Oblivion, Fable 2, Fallout 3 and Mass Effect are all mentioned).  Definitely cannot agree with Oblivion – playing it just made me want to wish for Oblivion!  I can’t really comment about Fable 2 or Fallout 3 but, while definitely good, I wouldn’t consider Mass Effect to be in the best 10 computer role-playing games ever created.  And for good measure, I agree with the first poster that World of Warcraft shouldn’t really be included in this – where’s the role-playing?

balduesgate2 So what are the best Western pc rpg games?

Baldurs Gate 2 - the best rpg game ever?

I would certainly agree with Planescape though – easily one of the best pc rpg games ever written.  I would also include Baldurs Gate 2 and Ultima Underworld (even though these days the interface does suffer – it can still stand with the best).  Add The Witcher to the list and I think we are really getting somewhere and for my next game in the list I will have to include Fallout.

This leaves one game left for our new, improved best 10 list, so what would you include to complete this list?

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  1. Perhaps Says:

    I haven’t played too many RPG games but I really think Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura is quite the gem. The story tied in with the whole technology vs. magick setting is what really drew me in. I would definitely recommend this game!

  2. IndieGamer Says:

    Baldurs gate 2 is the best rpg game ever made….developers should seriously try & make isometric games like it.

  3. Mike Yates Says:

    I’ve played too many games, agreeing with the games you listed planescape topping (except for mass effect which had a short 1 episode type of story):

    1. Star Control 2 – you managed a ship and crew of ships. Mass effect 2 was kinda going this way, but didn’t take it all of the way as SC2 with black market upgrading of your ship, building an armada of varying ships, having a “villian” and an even great villian at the end. An opera of a story. The quasi-space. Beautiful

    2. I enjoyed ultima underworld 2, with it’s many sharded worlds, and people of the lands. You could simply remake this game and everything would be there for a great game.

    3. Darklands setting and heretic plotlines of witchhunts and the great hunt, along with hundred of mythical tidbits, such as the moss people, and transmutation. The artwork was great at the time.

    4. The genesis version of shadowrun (i’m surprised no one has tried to make a newer neuromancer game)

  4. Pat Says:

    I really think that Neverwinter Nights, and Neverwinter Nights 2 should be included in the list. Especially Neverwinter Nights too. These are possibly the best RPG’s I’ve ever played in my life, and I absolutely love RPG’s.

  5. Peter Refsgaard Says:

    I have played countless RPG’s, but the one that comes out and overshadows all of the rest in definetly TES3 Morrowind, overall AMAZING gameplay, incredibly big and infinite time can be spend in this game.

    This game is for me, truly, the best RPG ever made.

  6. Mike Says:

    I’m somewhat amazed that people keep talking about Morrowind and Oblivion, pretty good games, really nice graphics, but I found them lacking in the depth of their predecessor in the Elder Scrolls trilogy… Daggerfall. Daggerfall is still the best rpg I’ve ever played. Sure, the graphics aren’t all that great, but for the amount of freedom, the sheer massiveness of the game world, and the unheard-of character customization, it definately gets my vote. Yes, the games has its quirks and bugs, but overall, I’ve never found a game before or since that matches even close to it. I was extremely happy when released the game with instructions on how to set it up for free.

    I’ll also agree with a few of the others listed, such as Planescape Torment and Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura… Been playing Fallout 3 lately, not too bad of an rpg considering it’s an FPS. Divine Divinity was also a good game as well… not the easiest nut to crack.

    Just my two cents I suppose.

  7. RPG Gamer Says:

    You may say whatever you whant but my opinion is that there’s one game after all. The Witcher it is called!

  8. Julie Says:

    Baldurs Gate rocks. I remember it as being the best computer RPG I have ever played.

    Do agree with you that Ultima Underworld was nice to. Mostly because of the different setting (everything being under ground)

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