Another new release – Torchlight!

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October 31st, 2009

I’ve got yet another new release to report on, this time from Runic Games.  Their game, called Torchlight, is an action rpg, very much in the style of Diablo or Fate.  Like these games, there is a central ‘safe hub’, with a dungeon filled with evil nasties beneath it and, like these games, it is your job to save the day.  Cue plenty of action adventure as you hack your way to victory.

Here is the youtube trailer of the game and if you are interested then you can get it from the game website here.


4 Responses to “Another new release – Torchlight!”

  1. aizhel Says:

    Im not really a fan of rpg. but i really enjoy this game

  2. Necroturtle Says:

    It is true that at the beggining, I mean, when you see this trailer, you think this game is just a cartoon game for kids. But I played it before and I love it. I lost nights playing it! Really!

  3. Game Says:

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  4. Amanda Says:

    This was a very fun game. At first I dismissed it as just another Diablo clone, but it is very polished and has some interesting features, like how your pet will run to town and sell things for you! Also, the most important part- the combat- was great, which by itself makes this worth playing through.

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