News about Dragon Age: Origins

Posted on February 27th, 2009 by: ian

I’ve found a couple of articles about Dragon Age: Origins for everyone who’s interested!  The first is an interview with Ray Muzyka (one of the founders of Bioware).  This is a short interview but there’s some good stuff in it.  For example Ray says, ‘in a way its sort of like BioWare returning to its roots – but with a twist. This is dark, heroic fantasy rather than traditional high fantasy… its more mature, more gritty’ – this is great news if they get it right.  I’m definitely looking forward to a mature rpg, as long as it has plenty of depth.

Again Ray takes the time out to assure me, ‘The core player will get that depth; a game like Dragon Age has a lot of depth, it’s very rich. The story, tactics, customisation. They go deep.’  I’m really looking forward to this, just give me an updated version of Baldurs Gate 2, set in a darker world and I will be extremely happy for a long, long time!

The second article is a short, hands-on preview of the game and it starts with the extremely promising, ‘Were it not for the game’s vastly improved visuals, you might think you had stepped back into the golden age of the late ’90s’.  Yes please!  Anyone else looking forward to this game more and more?

Bioware will also be releasing a toolset for the game, so it should be extremely interesting to see what the community can come up with.  Anyway, have a look at the articles and let me know what you think, is anyone looking forward to any other games even more than this one?


Review of Depths of Peril

Posted on February 25th, 2009 by: ian

There is a review up at gamefocus for the indie pc rpg games Depths of Peril.  You take on the role of a barbarian chieftain and your mission is to protect the town of Jorvik until finally managing to rule it!

depthsofperil 300x225 Review of Depths of Peril

depths of peril screenshot

It features a mix of rpg and strategy and gamefocus say of it, ‘Indie RPG’s take another leap forward with a very fun game from Soldak Entertainment. Though not for the gamer who is new to RPG’s this is one game most RPG fanatics should take a serious look at.’

If you are interested in an old school rpg then you definitely do a lot worse than having a look at this.

RPGamer Best of 2008 Editors’ Choice Awards

Posted on February 11th, 2009 by: ian

RPGamer have come out with their editors’ choice awards for 2008 for rpg games of the previous year.  Have a look and browse around the different categories (there are a lot of them!)

In the PC/MMO section we have my current favourite (The Witcher) coming in a number 2, and as they say, ‘The Witcher had a somewhat quiet release, but quickly gained reputation as one of the best PC RPGs in some time’.

In the RPG of the Year category we of course have Fallout 3 – interesting that it did not get into the PC section though.

Dragon Age delayed and Mass Effect 2 announced

Posted on February 10th, 2009 by: ian

RPGamer have an article up stating that Dragon Age, from Bioware has been delayed from the first half of 2009 to the second half (so, release could be any time from July then).  You can find more information here.

On a brighter note though, EA have announced that the intended release date for Mass Effect 2 will be sometime in the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year – so we can be looking forward to it any time from the beginning of 2010.  Again, this news is from RPGamer and can be found here.

GameBanshees rpg games of 2008

Posted on February 3rd, 2009 by: ian

GameBanshee have their game of the year list up for 2008 rpg games.  It’s broken into categories, including ‘Best Story/Writing’, ‘Best Graphics’, ‘Best Sound/Music’, ‘Most Anticipated of 2009′, ‘Independant RPG of the Year’, ‘RPG Hybrid of the Year’ and ‘RPG of the Year’.  Each category has a winner and a runner-up.  This list seems to be a veritable who’s who of games that I haven’t managed to play yet, including ‘Fable 2′ in several spots – which I’m now not going to get to play, thanks Lionhead!

The game of the year is hardly surprising (‘Fallout 3′ in case you couldn’t guess) but there is also a string showing by indie RPGs, with both ‘Mount and Blade’ and ‘Kings Bounty’ getting awards.  Most anticipated of 2009 is ‘Diablo 3′, though, as they state, ‘To be honest, we don’t really expect Blizzard’s action RPG sequel to make it on store shelves in 2009′.  So my most anticipated RPG is going to be ‘Dragon Age’.

If you want to see yet another list of the rpg games of 2008 then check out the article – it’s slant is especially good if you’re interested in indie games.

Free Sacred 2 art book

Posted on January 29th, 2009 by: ian

cdv USA have made available a free art book of Sacred 2 art in pdf format.  If you are interested in having a look, then go here.

According to cdv, ‘This lushly illustrated e-book showcases hand-drawn character designs, renders and other artistic creations from the game’s diverse universe, while also showcasing the progression of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel from an imaginative vision to an incredibly compelling RPG for next-generation consoles and PC.’

It features some great artwork, so if you’d like to see some of the concept art of Sacred 2 or you’re interested in the concept art stage of developing computer games, then it is definitely worth checking it out.

Fable 2 is not coming to the pc

Posted on January 28th, 2009 by: ian

Well, this is certainly a disappointment.  According to cinemablend, Fable 2 will not be getting ported to the PC at all (or, according to Lionhead, ‘We’re not working on a PC version of Fable II…If this changes we’ll make sure you know about it on our website’).

It’s certainly annoying as I was looking forward to playing Fable 2, however, at least there are plenty of other rpgs that should be coming out this year for me to look forward to.


The blog of the Black Hound

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 by: ian

If you’re interested in the game development process, then you may want to have a look at this blog.  It’s about the development of a Neverwinter Nights 2 mod, ‘The Black Hound’.  The interesting thing about this is that it is being developed by J.E. Sawyer formerly at Black Isle Studios and currently working at Obsidian.

It is loosely based on the initial design for Baldurs Gate 3 and is looking very interesting.  Currently looking at a late 2009/2010 release, if you’re interested in the spiritual successor to one of the best rpg games that have been made then it is defintely worth checking out.  Also look at this site if you’re after some more information.

New patch for Fallout 3

Posted on January 21st, 2009 by: ian

There is a new patch out for Fallout 3 New patch for Fallout 3 and can be found here.  It covers quite a number of bug fixes and the release notes are described below:

Bug Fixes

Fixed occasional crashes during loading and waiting.

Friendly or neutral NPC health bars, when taking damage, no longer flicker repeatedly.

Fixed issue where certain NPCs would occasionally disappear from the game.

Fixed issue where dead NPCs would occasionally come back to life.

Fixed rendering issue with the Gatling Laser gun’s tracers.

Fixed issue where the haircut menu would occasionally not appear properly.

Added ability to remap your VATS and pip boy buttons.

Fixed rare load/save issues that would cause NPCs to behave incorrectly.

Fixed issue where quest objectives would occasionally not update properly due to talking activators,
intercoms and conversations.

Using Radaway from the Pip-Boy’s Status Menu repeatedly no longer crashes the game.

Player no longer gets stuck in level up menu if their skills are maxed out.

Fixed issue where multiple followers would occasionally not load into an interior.

Fixed rare issue with getting stuck in VATS mode.

Fixed rare crash with fighting NPCs with corrupted data.

Fixed rare crashes while loading and saving games.

Fixed rare issue where player would fall through the floor while in VATS.

Fixed occasional crash after scoring a critical hit in the head with a Railway Rifle.

Prevent NPCs from inadvertently dying from falling.

Fixed occasional issue where the controller would stop working properly.

Fixed crashes related to repeatedly equipping and dropping clothing and armor into the world.

Quest Fixes

Fixed several instances where quest item stayed in inventory permanently after completing quests.

Fixed an issue where the distress message would occasionally not play in Trouble on the Homefront.

In The Waters of Life quest, the Citadel gate will open properly if the player fast travels away after exiting the Taft Tunnels but before reaching the Citadel gate with Doctor Li.

For the Big Trouble in Big Town quest, the broken protectrons in Big Town become active at the proper time.

In The American Dream quest, fixed specific issue which prevented the player from accessing their belongings in the locker by the door if they left the room first.

Fixed infinite caps exploit in Strictly Business quest.

Fixed rare instance where Dad would have no valid dialogue during The Waters of Life quest.

Prevent issue during the Finding the Garden of Eden quest where player would fade to black, instead of traveling to Raven Rock, while in combat with a follower.

Fixed several XP speech exploits with certain NPCs.

Fixed XP exploit with a robot in Fort Bannister.

Fixed issue where player’s controls can become locked permanently during The American Dream.

Have fun!

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What are the most anticipated pc rpg games of 2009?

Posted on January 13th, 2009 by: ian

RPGWatch has an article up about their most anticipated computer role-playing games scheduled for release in 2009.  It comprises both the editors’ choices and a poll results of their readers.

Up first from the readers we have Dragon Age: Origins and I think this line explains why, ‘There’s no

dragonagedownload screenshot 18 300x168 What are the most anticipated pc rpg games of 2009?

Dragon Age: Origins

doubting their success since then but many fans hold Baldur’s Gate II as their best game, so the idea that Dragon Age represents a spiritual successor is powerful’.  Baldur’s Gate II was one of the best rpgs that I have played, so if Bioware can even come close then it should be incredible.

Second in the readers top three is Age of Decadence, an indie old-school rpg that has massive potential.  I’m going to hold off on getting too excited about this one myself just yet though, as the Iron Tower team have yet to publish a game,

aodcombat2 1 150x150 What are the most anticipated pc rpg games of 2009?

Age of Decadence

but if it lives up to it’s potential then as the poll suggests it could quite easily beat the majority of AAA titles that will be coming out this year.

Number three is Diablo 3, ’nuff said.  We’ll see if Blizzard manage to re-create the magic of the original two, though hopefully the hype won’t be so great that people can only de disappointed.

The editors’ list also includes Dragon Age, but also includes Divine Divinity 2 and Risen.  I don’t know anything about Risen but the Divine Divinity sequel is one that I am looking forward to.  While I wasn’t blown away by the original it waws fun and if the sequel can improve on the first then I will definitely enjoy it.