Impressions of Dragon Age and Divinity II

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September 16th, 2009

If you are interested in either Dragon Age or Divinity II then you should check out RPGamer’s PAX Impressions of these games.  You can find the Dragon Age preview here and the Divinity II preview here.

I’m really looking forward to Dragon Age, but I think Divinity will go onto my ‘ones to watch list’

dragonage96 Impressions of Dragon Age and Divinity II

screenshot of dragon age

and I’ll keep an eye on it.  With Dragon Age you pretty much know that you’ll be getting a fun game with an immersive story (something I always really like)  but it sounds like Bioware are really going all out to make the preview experience memorable.  If they’re half as creative in the game as they seem to be in the previews then it should be great fun!

What games are you looking out for in the rest of year?

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  1. SonyaSunny Says:

    Can i get a one small picture from your blog?

  2. ian Says:

    Hi Sonya, of course you can.



  3. Elton G. Caldwell Says:

    If you’ve played a BioWare fantasy RPG in the past, you’ll feel right at home with the combat system. By clicking on your target or pressing the attack button, you don’t just swing a sword, but you approach your target and queue up your attack. Once your party has gained access to a good number of spells, stances, and skills, battlefields explode with bright colors and raucous sound effects, and it’s a lot of fun to switch back and forth between party members, managing your abilities and taking advantage of various spell combos to wreak havoc. There are dozens of different types of enemies to slice up, from giant spiders and darkspawn, to ghosts and walking trees, to demons and, of course, dragons. Allies will join you in the biggest battles, and the best of these, particularly those toward the end of the game, are thrilling. On the PC, they’re particularly challenging, and many battles benefit from frequent pausing and tactical thinking, so that you can queue up attacks across your entire party. The same battles on consoles are noticeably easier.

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