What book would make the best new rpg?

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March 17th, 2009

NZGamer has an article up ‘Top 10 books that should be games‘ that really got me thinking.  Unfortunately I haven’t read many of the books (though I think that there may now be a few I’m planning to!) but it really got me thinking about which books I would like to seem turned into games.

Firstly, I have to agree that ‘Guards! Guards!’ would make a great game – the setting would be fantastic for just about any kind of game but it would be incredible for an rpg.  I think though that the two books that I would most like to see made into games are ‘The Lost World’ and ‘The Road’.

The Lost World has a small party of adventurers, a world filled with peril but limited in size, dinosaurs, plenty of adventure and more dinosaurs!  You would be able to choose your character and then head of to discover the lost world.  You would get to explore it, encounter, run from and battle the dinosaurs, discover and communicate with the tribes of humans and near-humans.  Your objective would be to attempt to bring back proof of this last world of the dinosaurs (or would you keep it a secret to preserve it?)

The last game that I remember playing like this was ‘Savage Empire’ from Origin.

savageempire What book would make the best new rpg?

Savage Empire - it has dinosaurs!

This was a great game that had an incredible number of options – how many other games allow you to make your own crude gunpowder and guns?  This had a fun story but the best part of it was the ability to explore the world, manufacture crude technologies to assist you in your quest and the sheer amount that you could discover in it.  And did I mention that there were dinosaurs?

The second game would be based on ‘The Road’.  This book is about the survival of a father and son in a post-apocalyptic world.  Similar in setting to games like Fallout, this setting would  be far darker.  It would be survival based and you would have to scavenge for everything you need.  Weapons would be far rarer, it would certainly not be a game that you could shoot your way through, and a single misstep could mean your death.

What books do you think would make the best possible rpg games?  Are they set in the real world or a fictional world – what  settings would you like to see turned into a game?

4 Responses to “What book would make the best new rpg?”

  1. nocroman Says:

    The rift war Saga’s would make an excellent rpg game. So would starship troopers but you have to let players build in the game, not just kill. The black legion series would make a great game too.

  2. TheMuffinKing Says:

    I would love to see a game based on the Wheel of Time series.

  3. Geoff Says:

    pendragon series!!!

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